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Situated on one of the most beautiful islands in the world, the University of Hawaiʻi Maui College is an accredited college that offers three bachelor of applied science degrees, a wide variety of associate degrees and certificates, as well as distance learning degrees through its UH Center on campus. UHMC is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities of the Western Association of Schools & College.

With small class sizes, a low student to faculty ratio, math labs and career counseling, UHMC students enjoy personalized, individual attention and the support they need to be successful in school and their future careers.

University of Hawaiʻi Maui College's Extended Learning  & Workforce Development Office (ELWD) is located in the Laulima building on the Kahului campus, with ample free parking.


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Outlines the requirements for certified organic farms. Examines the process of transitioning to organic farming. Examines and evaluates record keeping requirements and accepted products and practices.

AG 113 | $ 131+ fees | 1 credits
W | 7:30PM-8:30PM | 01/09-05/12/23 | ULU 104

Learn the biology and behavior of honeybees and best management practices for hive management. Develop hands-on skills for hive inspection, maintenance, and management techniques to control honeybee diseases and pests. Investigate alternative pollinators.

AG 162 | Mach Fukada | $262 +fees | 2 credits
THR | 9:00AM-11:45AM | 01/09-05/12/23 | ULU 104

Learn the fundamentals of designing, operating and maintaining backyard and commercial scale aquaponics systems with locally sourced inputs of fish, fish feed and plants using new technologies and growing techniques. Students will have on-demand access to an online course featuring 80 hours of training modules and weekly Zoom sessions with their instructor. FREE course sponsored by USDA AFRI NIFA Workforce grant.

The Maui Food Innovation Center connects and elevates Maui’s value- added food producers with technical expertise, innovative training, education and a Research & Development kitchen. Check out upcoming classes

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What is Bugging you? Home Garden Pest Control Overview

This course is geared to the home gardener, just starting out, with questions regarding insect pest identification. This course will cover tools/resources for quick identification of the primary insect pests that affect the various crops or ornamental plants that people grow here in Hawaii. This course will also identify beneficial insects and their roles in mitigating insect pest problems. Course will include lecture, demonstrations, and walk about to introduce students to the common pests in the landscape. Time in class will include work with microscopes to observe and assist in identification. Course will also include some information regarding pesticide use, pesticide label interpretation, and pesticide safety.

Section AGR6159 - 001

Art & Design

Develop an understanding, appreciation, and critical analysis of historical and contemporary public art works from multi-cultural perspectives. Cultivate your practice of developing, designing, and creating public art.

ART 190V | Mike Takemoto | $393 + fees | 3 credits
MW | 10:30-1:15PM | 01/09-05/12/23 | HEONA I

Fashion is a language of self expression. Express yourself! The UH Maui College Fashion Technology Program can help you launch into this highly skilled and evolving industry. Through comprehensive, hands-on training in apparel production and fashion design, you’ll gain the technical skills for job entry including design, sewing, pattern drafting, and construction of basic and advanced apparel. Graduates have gone on to pursue their BA in fashion technology, work for local apparel companies, or start their own business.

Visit or call 808-984-3700 for more info.

Gain a foundation in the creation, performance, and understanding of music in both its technical and cultural contexts.

Visit or call 808-984-3700 for more info.

Take classes in Hawaiian music, language, and culture as well as music theory and technology! Work directly with Hawiaian Music artists and other industry professionals as part of your learning experience.

Visit or call 808-984-3700 for more info.

Innovate, collaborate, and be creative! Choose from classes in drawing, painting, ceramics, design, digital photography, printmaking, and art history. Develop 21st century skills in critical thinking, creative problem solving, and communication. Graduates have launched careers as artists or continued their studies in Fine Arts baccalaureate programs within the UH System.

Visit or call 808-984-3700 for more info.

Academy for Creative Media Maui offers Associate degrees and Certificates in filmmaking, graphic design and animation, and pathways to a four-year degree.

Learn more at

Learn the core principles of Digital Storytelling as a career. Explore the nature of storytelling and storytellers through media such as movies, literature, spoken word, television, web, news, classic and commercial art, and meet media professionals. Apply what you learn by creating your own digital story in video or website form.

CM 105 | Brian Kohne | $393 + fees | 3 credits
M | 6:00-8:45PM | 01/09-05/12 | ONLINE

Learn the basic elements of visual arts and their expressions in various forms.

ART 101 / Gwen Arkin / $393 + fees / 3 credits 1/9 – 5/12 ONLINE

Explore two-dimensional visualization and rendering of forms, spaces, and ideas through a variety of approaches and media.

ART 113 | Mike Takemoto | $393 + fees | 3 credits
TuTh | 9:00AM-11:45AM | 01/09-05/12/2023 | Heona I

Learn the basic tools and features of raster image editing, photo retouching, and color correction of images. Discover the fundamental drawing techniques of vector illustration graphics, including pen tool paths, objects, and type with specific attention to practical applications.

CM 123 | Monika Jost | $393 + fees | 3 credits
W | 6:00-8:45PM | 01/09-05/12/23 | ONLINE

Explores efficient and economical techniques in fabric layout, cutting, and sewing. Offers practice in aloha shirt and blouse construction.

FT 130 | Charlene Quan Pfetzing | $393 + fees | 3 credits
T | 8:30AM-1:20PM | 01/09-05/12/23 | HOOFT 0


FT 190V | Maria Razzauti | $393 + fees | 3 credits
M | 8:30AM-1:20PM | 01/09-05/12/23 | HOOFT 0

The Insider's Guide to the Evolving Music Business

Course Description: ENR6699 The Insider's Guide to the Evolving Music Business

Overview: We will explore the emerging independent artist landscape within the music business. With world-wide digital disruption, new business opportunities in the music business are emerging rapidly. We will focus on: • How Independent Artists gain and retain an international following. • When can digital platforms like TikTok, benefit artists and producers in market strategies. • What are the components of an independent label contract, and how to leverage a “one-off” song release. • Where can a digitally self-contained entrepreneur become effective. • Who: Music Industry Professional guest speakers to be determined.

5 Week Course - 2 Hours once a week.

Section ENR6699 - 004


UH Maui College is keeping pace with the essential shift to electric and hybrid vehicles.

Discover the principles for the operation of automotive systems. Learn the use of basic automotive tools, equipment, and procedures for the preventive maintenance and minor repair service through lectures, demonstrations, and lab work on shop training units and “live” service vehicles.

AMT 100 | $262 +fees | 2 credits
M | 5:00PM-9:00PM | 01/09-05/12/23 | AUTECH 1


Survey the fundamentals of American business enterprise and examines the foundations and responsibilities of accounting, management, finance, marketing, and the business environment.

BUS 120 | Dr. Gilbert Logan | $393 + fees | 3 credits
TBA | 01/09-05/12/23 | ONLINE

ENG 19 w/C or place ENG 22/55

Learn basic accounting principles and practices for service and/or merchandising types of businesses. Discover accounting as an information system, the accounting cycle, financial statements, internal control, current and/or long-term assets, current liabilities and payroll.

ACC 124 | $393 + fees | 3 credits
MW | 10:30AM-11:45AM | 01/09-05/12/23 | HALE 217

ENG 19 w/C or place ENG 22/55
MATH75x w/C or place MATH 82++

Discover the major elements of speech. Develop competence in two-person, small group, and public speaking situations.

SP 151 | Ron St. John | $393 + fees | 3 credits
TR | 1:30PM-2:45PM | 01/09-05/12/23 | ONLINE

Develop competence in oral communication within business and organizational context. Learn the theory and practical skills to be a confident and effective communicator in a variety of business and organizational settings.

COM 130 | Ron St. John | $393 + fees | 3 credits
TR | 12:00-1:15PM | 01/09-05/12/23 | ONLINE

Introduces the basic concepts of individual, group, and organizational human behavior as they affect human relations, performance, and productivity within the workplace.

MGT 122 | Gil Logan | $393 + fees | 3 credits
TBA | 01/09-05/12/23 | TBA | ONLINE

  • Business, Computers and Technology
  • Microsoft Office, Leadership with Aloha, Principles of Management
  • Hospitality
  • Intro to the Culinary Industry, Customer Service Training, Sanitation Certification
  • Sustainability
  • Sustainable Agriculture Systems, HVAC Certification, FEMA Certification
  • Culture
  • Intro to ASL, Insider’s Guide to Music Publishing, Basic Hawaiian Language

Contact Dean Louie

(808) 983-3689 |

Customer Service Training

Did you know that 75% of all people making decisions are based on the first 2 minutes of an interaction? Positive human communication is crucial in representing and branding your business. Knowledge and experience in customer service can make the difference between growing or diminishing your business. This class will benefit front line staff, and representatives.

Section HOSP6310 - 028

Section HOSP6310 - 029

Computer Technology

Exploring macOS

A hands-on course covering the latest OS X operating system on your Mac computer. Review the user interface, menu items, basic utilities and a brief review of the Apple iApplications.

Section COM6008 - 028

Section COM6008 - 029

Section COM6008 - 030

Introduction to iPad

Welcome to a NEW way of computing! This hands-on course shows you how to use the Apple iPad. The course covers all the functions of using a multi-touch screen. Also discover possible add-on accessories that can enhance the use of your iPad.

Section COM6040 - 029

Section COM6040 - 030

Section COM6040 - 031

Introduction to iPhone

iOS is the operating system built around the iPhone and iPad. In this class we will take a look at both devices, from setup, settings and basic use of the device. We will cover apps, internet and email setup, as well as other daily use of your smart device.

Section COM6043 - 034

Section COM6043 - 035

Section COM6043 - 036

Introduction to macOS

This is an ideal course for those with basic computer skills who are new to the Mac and want to begin understanding the ins and outs of their Mac. You will also be introduced to the basics of the macOS operating system.

Section COM6038 - 038

Section COM6038 - 039

Section COM6038 - 040

Section COM6038 - 041

Photos: Mac and iOS

Apple newest App helps manage all your digital photos from iOS devices or a digital camera. Learn to import, edit, adjust, create and share pictures then organize all in one place.

Section COM6044 - 029

Section COM6044 - 030

Section COM6044 - 031

Computers for Beginners

Never used a computer before? Feel like computer terms are written in a foreign language? This course is for you. Become fluent in basic computer-speak, demystifying the jargon, and learning computing terms.

Section COM6001 - 051

Section COM6001 - 052

Section COM6001 - 053

Introduction to Windows

Learn how to comfortably move around in Windows and become familiar with Windows terminology. Learn to use the task bar, create shortcuts, manage the desktop, work with multiple windows and more. Learn how to find and manage documents, use online help, and clean house with the recycle bin.

Section COM6006 - 026

Section COM6006 - 027

Section COM6006 - 028

Microsoft Excel Essentials

Go beyond the basics and learn how to write a formula, work with a built-in function, create a chart and organize data in a list.

Section COM6017 - 030

Section COM6017 - 031

Microsoft Word Essentials

Turn MS Word into your most powerful productivity ally! If you are new to Word, or if you get frustrated using Word, this is the course you need to easily become truly skilled with this software.

Section COM6015 - 026

Section COM6015 - 027

Section COM6015 - 028

Microsoft Word Intermediate

Think you know all the tricks in MS Word? Think again. This course will advance even the most knowledgeable participant in MS Word.

Section COM6016 - 023

Section COM6016 - 024

Spreadsheets for Beginners

How can a spreadsheet help me? What sets a spreadsheet apart from a word processing or database management program? You will learn the answers to these questions while mastering the basic functions and applications of spreadsheet programs.

Section COM6005 - 035

Section COM6005 - 036

Section COM6005 - 037

Section COM6005 - 038

Word Processing for Beginners

Word Processing Fundamentals learn your way around a keyboard as you execute basic operations: creating, editing, formatting, saving, retrieving and printing!

Section COM6004 - 037

Section COM6004 - 038

Section COM6004 - 039

Section COM6004 - 040

WordPress: Blogging Basics

Many Internet users and webmasters are using blogs like WordPress and BlogSpot to get the word out. This course goes over the basics of setting up a blog, as well as its general uses and functions. It covers themes, updates and adding pages and widgets to the navigation.

Section COM6022 - 029

Section COM6022 - 031

Section COM6022 - 032

Section COM6022 - 033

Explores concepts and issues involved in establishing a virtual assistant business. Students apply integrated software applications to complete assignments, create projects, conduct research, and prepare a basic business and marketing plan.

BUSN 159 | Laureen Kodani | $393 + fees | 3 credits
TBA | 01/09-5/12/23 | ONLINE

Get hands-on with high tech.

Students enrolled in the Electronic and Computer Engineering Technology (ECET) program receive an education in basic electronics, computer technology, computer programming, optical systems, and networking that includes knowledge of DC/AC/Semiconductor circuits, digital electronics, computers, networks, telescopes and lasers.


Culinary Arts

ServSafe Food Handler Basic Certification

Earn the ServSafe Food Handler certification the industry standard certification in food safety. The training covers topics including Basic Food Safety, Personal Hygiene, Cross-contamination and Allergens, Time and Temperature, Cleaning and Sanitation. Complete an in-class assessment exam to successfully earn the certification. ServSafe Food Handler training is basic sanitation certification for managers and staff working in certified kitchens. Textbook and exams are included. Those who pass the exam with scores 75% or better, receive a Food Handler Certificate valid for three years. This class has limited to face to face seating if offered on campus. The class may be offered online through ZOOM media. Students will need a reliable internet connection as well as a computer for access.

Section CULN6100 - 036

Section CULN6100 - 037

Section CULN6100 - 039

Section CULN6100 - 040

Explore an overview of the culinary industry within the aspects of the entire hospitality industry. Discover
the historical, social, and cultural forces that have affected and shaped the industry of today. Identify job qualifications and opportunities, professional standards, communication skills, and attitudes essential for successful workers in the industry.

CULN 111 | Chef Noel Cleary | $262+fees | 2 credits
F  | 8:00AM-12:30PM | 3/6-6/5/23 | Pāʻina 236

Provides the study and application of the principles and procedures of sanitation and safety in the hospitality industry. Includes the study of food-borne illnesses, biological, chemical, and physical hazards, and cross-contamination as they may occur during the flow of food. An introduction to HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and other sanitation and safety programs will also be presented. Safety issues, ServSafe certification or equivalent, and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) guidelines and standards will be covered as they apply to the hospitality industry.

CULN 112 | Dan Schulte | $262 +fees | 5 credits
TBA | 1/9/23-5/12/23 | ONLINE

Undergraduate level CULN 112 Minimum Grade of C

Learn the fundamental concepts, skills, and techniques of food preparation, including the use of standardized recipes, basic cooking methods for meats, stocks, soups, sauces, seafood, vegetables, and starches. Identify, use, and maintain all equipment, tools, and utensils in a safe and sanitary manner.

CULN 120 | Craig Omori | $655 +fees | 5 credits
MTuWThr | 2:00PM-7:50PM | 01/09-03/03/23 | Pāʻina SKL

Undergraduate level CULN 112 Minimum Grade of C

The Maui Food Innovation Center connects and elevates Maui’s value- added food producers with technical expertise, innovative training, education and a Research & Development kitchen. Check out upcoming classes

For more information Visit


Introduces concepts of developmentally appropriate practice and the importance of play. Provides an overview of and experience with the knowledge and skills necessary for working with children birth through age eight, including children with special needs.

ECED 110 / Gemma Medina /$393 + fees / 3 credits
Wed / 5:30PM – 8:30PM / 01/09/23 – 05/12/23 / HALE 216

Addresses positive ways to support children’s social-emotional development. Focuses on adult-child and child-child interactions and relationships.

ECED 140 / Julie Powers /  $393 + fees / 3 credits
Th / 5:30PM – 8:30PM / 01/09/23 – 05/12/23 / ONLINE

ENG 22 w/C or place ENG 100


UH Maui College can prepare you for a career in healthcare.
FREE Healthcare Trainings
Apply for 100% tuition assistance for healthcare trainings at

Learn the fundamentals of health care giving techniques. Students gain knowledge and skills through both theory and practice in the classroom, nursing lab settings and actual clinical experiences at designated medical facilities. Upon successfully completing this course, students who meet eligibility requirements are prepared for the state Certified Nurse Aide examination. Participants also earn a First Aid/CPR certification.

| Spring 2023 TBA

Course is for eligible Maui students that are able to attend labs/clinicals in Kahului.

PLEASE NOTE:  To participate in the program, students will also be contacted after registration to complete a risk/release form, media release form, and must provide a copy of their last report card, vaccination record including COVD vaccination, TB test result, and complete a criminal background check by the first day of class.

For more information, please contact:

By administering EKGs, testing the electrical activity of the heart, you’ll be making a life-changing difference, helping people of all ages prevent and treat heart disease. As an EKG tech, you may perform the following tasks: Set up and administer EKGs (electrocardiograms) and stress tests,
prepare patients for Holter or ambulatory monitoring, and transcribe physicians’ interpretations.

Section – HLTH6005-002 | Steven Farmer | $1800
T | 7:00PM-8:00PM | 02/07-03/28/23
Learn the fundamentals of pharmacy technician skills to assist pharmacists in serving patients. Competencies include receiving, processing, and filling prescriptions and medication orders; determining charges and obtaining reimbursements (including insurance and Medicare payments), maintaining medication and inventory control systems, and participating in the administration and management of the pharmacy practice.

Section – HLTH6700

This Phlebotomy Technician course is intended for the high-school graduate student with no collegiate or healthcare experience. It is intended to prepare the student to become a healthcare team member in this exciting and fast paced field. Although this course teaches the collection of blood specimens, the course emphasizes knowledge required for all health care professionals to prepare them for a growing future in healthcare.

Phlebotomy Technicians collect blood specimens from clients for the purpose of laboratory analysis. Students will become familiar with all aspects related to blood collection and develop comprehensive skills to perform venipunctures completely and safely. Classroom and lab work includes terminology, anatomy and physiology; blood collection procedures; specimen hands-on practice; and training in skills and techniques to perform puncture methods.

Section – HLTH6002-004 | Steven Farmer | $1800
Th | 7:00PM-8:00PM | 3/9-4/27/23 | Hybrid

Introduces fundamentals of microbiology. Explains role of microorganisms and how they affect humans. Emphasizes medical and public health aspects, bacterial and viral diseases, and epidemiology. To progress to more advanced mathematics courses, students should have grade C or better in prerequisite courses. The prerequisite course is most beneficial when completed during the prior 12 months. Math placement testing or alternate placement measures are required of all students who are taking mathematics at UH Maui College. (For more info, see English and Math Placement section, or the Math Routes for Specific Majors chart.)

MICR 130 | S M Calder | $393 + fees | 3 credits
MW 9:00AM-10:15AM | 01/09-05/12/23 | KAA 109
MW 9:00AM-10:15AM | 01/09-05/12/23 | ONLINE

ENG 100 w/C
M82 w/C/conc or place M100+

Laboratory to accompany MICR 130

MICR 140 J June / $262 + fees / 2 credits
Tu Th / 8:30AM-10:20AM 01/09-05/12/23 / IKE 116

Microbiology (MICR) Available Courses

Cleanse and Rejuvenate with Malik Cotter: 4 weeks that will change your life!

A new course with new information balanced with ancient wisdom. There are many varied methods to achieve detoxification, rejuvenation and balance and that will be our exploration. We will bring a model cleanse and rejuvenation program into class and take it apart to see what makes it work. No two people have the same physical constitution or mental/emotional make-up, and this is why you need to discover what works for you. That’s what this class is about. We’ll dive into the why and how of a cleanse and rejuvenation program, discuss immune system strategies, the 5 elements, the interdependence of the organs, the liver, blood and the pathways of elimination, and better understand the brain, the mind and our spiritual heart. Focus will be on herbs, foods, nutrition, exercise, relaxation, breath and attitude. Come and do a cleanse and rejuvenation program, or just come and gain insight into yourself and life.

Section ENR6616 - 004


UH Maui College is part of the reimagining of hospitality and tourism.

Creative Event Planning & Management

The importance of masterful organization, customer service, budgeting and designing memorable events for your client’s needs will separate you, your company and your colleagues from the rest. This course is designed for professionals in the hotel hospitality, food and beverage, catering management and event coordinators in corporate hotels, independent hotels, private establishments, independent event coordinators and corporate event planners.

Section HOSP6220 - 006

Introducing Hawaiian Values in the Workplace

Description his course defines Hawaiian values, and explores how administration, managers and staff can utilize and practice these lifelong values into the workplace today.

Section HOSP3108 - 005

Explore the travel industry worldwide and related major business components. Students will analyze the links between travel, lodging, food, recreation, and other tourism-related segements.

HOST 101 | Liping Liu | $393 + fees | 3 credits
M | 1:30PM-2:45PM | 1/9/23-5/12/23 | ONLINE

Industry & Trades

Learn the proper use and maintenance of carpentry hand and power tools. Practice selecting and using construction materials and fastening systems.

CARP 120 | Charles Hunter | $393 + fees | 3 credits
M | 4:00PM-9:00PM | 1/9-5/12/23 | CARPENTRY SHOP

Explore the theory and practices of arc and gas welding of ferrous metals dealing with building construction applications. Learn procedures for flat, horizontal, and overhead work for brazing, flame cutting, and welding of aluminum, stainless steel, and other metals.

WELD 119 D | Mark Morimoto | $393 + fees | 3 credits
MW | 5:00PM-8:00PM | 1/9-5/12/23 | WELDING

Electrical Technology Program - Maintenance Electrician (EM)

The Electrical Technology Program – Maintenance Electrician provides participants with the academic coursework required by Hawaii Revised Statute HRS 448E for maintenance journey worker electrical apprentices.  Participants gain foundational skills in applied math and electrical safety as well as the required subjects in AC/DC theory, motors and motor control maintenance, NEC, and transformers. This program fulfills Requirements of HRS 448E, 80 hour electrical academic coursework.

Participants gain foundational skills in applied math and electrical safety as well as the required subjects in AC/DC theory, motors and motor control maintenance, NEC, and transformers. This program fulfills Requirements of HRS 448E, 80 hour electrical academic coursework. Participants are required to attend at least 75% of each module, and satisfactorily pass all exams to successfully complete the program.

Section TRAD8940 - 029

Hazardous Materials Awareness_FEMA

The Hazardous Materials Awareness course provides attendees from all backgrounds with knowledge and practical experience in essential, awareness-level hazardous materials competencies as defined by NFPA® 1072: Standard for Hazardous Materials/Weapons of Mass Destruction Emergency Response Personnel Professional Qualifications and NFPA® 472: Standard for Competence of Responders to Hazardous Materials/Weapons of Mass Destruction Incidents. The Hazardous Materials Awareness course provides students with training to proficiency in identifying hazardous materials; utilizing the U.S. Department of Transportation’s 2020 Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG) to identify hazardous materials risks and protective actions, utilizing hazard communication documents to identify hazardous materials risks and protective actions, and determining awareness-level personnel and public protective actions.

Section TRAD6001 - 002

Hospital Emergency Response Training

Hospital Emergency Response Training for Mass Casualty Incidents (HERT) is one-day course designed to provide medical operation guidance to hospitals, emergency medical services (EMS), healthcare facility personnel, assisted living, hospice  and others who may become involved in a mass casualty incident (MCI). The course provides the healthcare emergency receiver with an understanding of the relationship between a Hospital Incident Command System (HICS), a scene Incident Command System (ICS), and other incident management systems used by municipal Emergency Operations Centers (EOC). The course also provides guidance for Hospital Emergency Response Team design, development, and training. 

Section TRAD6002 - 002

Standardized Awareness Training Program, Introduction to Terrorism. A FEMA course

Standardized Awareness Training Program, Introduction to Terrorism. A FEMA Certified Course

The Standardized Awareness Training Program (SAT) is a one-day course that. The course covers the knowledge of essential course material on chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive (CBRNE) hazards and materials, prevention and deterrence methods, and the Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG) to make decisions at the awareness level.

Section TRAD6003 - 002

Language Studies

Intermediate American Sign Language

In this intermediate course, students will learn to apply communication skills in American Sign Language (ASL) based on previous training. The course will focus on observing expressive and receptive skills through the use of hand signage. Students will be introduced to members of the deaf and hard of hearing community to practice acquired language skills in social settings. All students are welcome but, the instructor is strongly suggests taking LANG6709 Introduction to ASL prior to this intermediate class.

Section LANG6707 - 003

Section LANG6707 - 004

Introduction to American Sign Language

American Sign Language is for those who are interested in support of the hard of hearing, and deaf communities. These skills can be applied to professional interpreting, education, tourism & hospitality, trades, retail sales, law enforcement and emergency services, Healthcare, judicial system, public parks and recreation, visual arts, entertainment, athletic, and transportation industries. This interactive course will offer students etiquette, best practices, social norms and communication skills in American Sign Language (ASL). We will focus on observing expressive and receptive skills through the use of hand signage. Students will be introduced to members of the deaf and hard of hearing community to practice acquired language skills in social settings.

Section LANG6709 - 011

Section LANG6709 - 012

Discover and apply the concepts of purpose, audience, and tone in writing. Evaluate written texts and write various types of essays, including writing from sources. Focus on critical thinking.

ENG 100 | Eric Engh | $393 + fees | 3 credits
MW | 10:30AM-11:45AM | 01/09-5/12/23 | KUPAA 203

Aloha, This first round of classes were filled, they filled up quickly so we had to shut down our application. If we are able to open more sections, we will announce on our UHMC facebooks and instagram pages and our email lists (which I will add you to). Here is some information about our program.

Here is a link to Hawaiian language resources that you may enjoy:

Free Hawaiian Language Classes Begin in Sept. and Oct.

Non-credit classes begin 9/5, 9/6, 9/24, or 10/26

For more information please e-mail


Aloha, This first round of classes were filled, they filled up quickly so we had to shut down our application. If we are able to open more sections, we will announce on our UHMC facebooks and instagram pages and our email lists (which I will add you to). Here is some information about our program.

Here is a link to Hawaiian language resources that you may enjoy:

Free Hawaiian Language Classes Begin in Sept. and Oct.

Non-credit classes begin 9/5, 9/6, 9/24, or 10/26

For more information please e-mail



Aloha, This first round of classes were filled, they filled up quickly so we had to shut down our application. If we are able to open more sections, we will announce on our UHMC facebooks and instagram pages and our email lists (which I will add you to). Here is some information about our program.

Here is a link to Hawaiian language resources that you may enjoy:

Free Hawaiian Language Classes Begin in Sept. and Oct.

Non-credit classes begin 9/5, 9/6, 9/24, or 10/26

For more information please e-mail


Continues HAW 101 instruction to write, speak, and read Hawaiian. Devotes four out of five hours to drill and practice. Daily lab work determined by individual need.

HAW 102 | $524 + fees | 4 credits
M  |  5:30PM-8:30PM | 01/09-05/12/23 | ONLINE

HAW 101, or consent.

Continues HAW 102. Uses advanced Hawaiian grammatical structure with emphasis placed on speaking Hawaiian. Practices translation of materials from classical Hawaiian literature. Devotes two out of five hours to drill and practice. Daily lab work determined by individual need.

HAW 201 / S K Kaeo / $524 + fees / 4 credits | MTWR 12:00PM-01:05PM | 08/22-12/16 ONLINE

HAW 102, or consent.

Continues 101. Introduces additional basic Japanese speaking, listening, reading, and writing sentence structures.

JPN 102 | RYAN Locke | $524 + fees | 4 credits
MTWR 3:00PM-4:05 PM | 01/09-05/12/23 | ONLINE

Internet class: This class is held online weekly on the scheduled days and times. Contact instructor at for information.

Studies and analyzes universal problems in selected literary works of various types, cultures, and periods. Presents topics, which will vary with student interest and availability of faculty.

ENG 257 | Ryan Locke | $393 + fees | 3 credits
TBA | 01/09-05/12/23 | ASYNC ONLINE

Undergraduate level ENG 100 Minimum Grade of C

Learn and practice grammatical structures and use them in practice exercises and presentations. Build your oral English skills through the practice of conversational speaking and presentations. Research and present on cultural topics. Projects include describing, comparing and contrasting, discussing causes and effects. Build writing skills from writing paragraphs to essays required to become independent readers and thinkers.

See for MLI application information.

LANG6010 / $2300

Academic Calendar 2023

Sessions Dates of Program
Spring I January 9 – March 3
Spring II March 6 – May 5
Summer May 22 – July 14
Fall I August 21 – October 13
Fall II October 16 – December 8


Maui Language Institute Session 2

Build and improve your English skills through the topics of Listening and Speaking, Reading and Vocabulary, Writing, and Cultural Studies.

See for MLI application information. for MLI application information.

LANG6011 / $2300 / Fall Session 2 / CE

004 MTuWThF 9:00 AM – 1:05 PM 10/17/22 – 12/9/22

Sustainable Science Management

Photovaultaic array

Students will learn how freshwater resources are managed with an emphasis on island water systems, highlighting the importance of an integrated management approach that learns from traditional Hawaiian values inherent within the ahupua’a system.

SSM 402  | $918 + fees | 3 credits
W | 9:00AM-11:45PM | 1/9-5/12/23 | TBA

SSM 202, BIOL 171/171L, CHEM 151 or 161/161L, and MATH 135, all with grade C or better, or consent.

Explore the biology, ecology and role that marine mammals play in the ocean ecosystem, while learning first-hand about the research tools and techniques used to study them.

 BIOL 331/331L  | $1224 + fees | 4 credits | F 8:30AM-2:30PM | 1/9-5/12/23 | Ike Lea 115 (marine science lab)

Undergraduate level MATH 115 Minimum Grade of C and (Undergraduate level BIOL 171 Minimum Grade of C or Undergraduate level ZOOL 200 Minimum Grade of C)

General Education

Introduces speaking, reading, and writing elementary Hawaiian. Treats structural points inductively. Devotes four out of five hours to drill and practice. Daily lab work determined by individual need.

HAW 101 / $524 + fees / 4 credits | MW 5:40 PM – 7:40 PM 8/22/22 – 12/16/22 ONLINE

Identify endemic, indigenous, and Polynesian introduced flora of Hawaiʻi. Examine the many uses of Hawaiʻi’s flora by the indigenous people.

BOT 105 / C Nakahashi / $393 + fees / 3 credits
S 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM 8/22/22 – 12/16/22 ONLINE

Explore the unique aspects of Hawaiʻi and Hawaiian culture in relation to the larger Pacific, including geography, origins, language, religion, land, art, and history.

HWST 107 / $393 + fees / 3 credits
TuTh 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM 8/22/12 – 12/16/22 ONLINE

Focus on basic concepts and principles of psychology in the areas of individual differences, motivation, emotion, perception, learning, methodology, test and measurement, history, abnormal, physiology and applied psychology. Learn through lectures, multimedia presentations, discussions, and experimentation.

PSY 100 / Rosiana Azman /$393 + fees / 3 credits 8/22/22 – 12/16/22 ONLINE

Discover the study of society and social relationships. Examine social structures and basic concepts including socialization, culture, inequality, and social change.

SOC 100 / Selene LeGare / $393 + fees / 3 credits MW 1:30 PM – 2:45 PM 8/22/22 – 12/16/22 ONLINE

Focus on human societies and cross-cultural interactions to 1500 CE through a global and historical survey.

HIST 151 / Mike Ryan / $393 + fees / 3 credits
MW 9:00 AM – 10:15 AM 8/22/22 – 12/16/22 Noiʻi 204

Develop step-by-step problem solving methods and hands-on laboratory applications. Utilize electronics measurement instrumentation and software for data analysis. Study networks with DC voltage sources, and circuit analysis. Discover Ohm’s law, Kirchoff’s laws, Thevenin’s theorem, and maximum power theorems.

ETRO 105 / Dr. Jung Park / $524 + fees / 4 credits TuTh 9:00 AM – 12:40 PM 8/22/22 – 12/1/22 Kaʻaʻike

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